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Name:Naraku // Onigumo

This is an RP journal.
Naraku is a half-demon, born as a last resort from the desperate deal struck by Onigumo, a former bandit, enraptured with the priestess Kikyou and the Jewel she possessed. Cold, ruthless, unfeeling, and utterly devoid of compassion, Naraku is a half-demon that even full-fledged Yokai have come to fear.

Serving as the main antagonist and the foil of InuYasha, Naraku has gone as far as to expel his own human heart from his body to increase his own strength. He desperately seeks the Shikon no Tama to become a true demon, and to finally be rid of that which he despises the most: His own human emotions.

He is currently being played at [info]adstringendum.

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I will not kill you...
I will break you.
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